Resting from our Labors

Last weekend we went to the cabin for some serious fun and relaxation. The weather was absolutely perfect, the fattening sweets were abundant, and the company was first rate. Plus, we packed in the activities.

For starters, we were able to pull out our riding boots, strap on our spurs and become a little more familiar with the equine species. Henry was in hog, or
horse, heaven.

Abram was all, "Pants? You wusses insist on putting on pants to ride horses? I go pant-less, not to mention, I don't even wear shoes."

The horses were such a huge hit, even Grouchy Girl got on one. Doesn't she look thrilled?

We celebrated Henry's birthday a week early with the grandparents. That kid is so freaking spoiled!

One of his presents was a batting tee. After a little coaching from softball pro, Aunt Kate, both the kids were hitting like all-stars ... at least Henry was, Ruby ... not so much.

This one's outta here!!!

Ruby's problem was keeping her eyes open. Who knew it was difficult to hit the ball with closed eyes?

Ruby did have a sweet pair of binoculars though. Maybe she should have used those while hitting.

Poor Abram. There's nothing more degrading than being put in a baby doll stroller.

On Monday we went for what was supposed to be a leisurely hike in Yellowstone Park along the Bechler River. However, only 2 1/2 minutes into the hike, while carrying a sleepy, whiny Ruby, I pulled a pretty classic move and totally tripped! People, I fell on my face. HARD! All I can say is, our little faceplant did little to improve Ruby's whining.

At least the rest of the hike was beautiful.

His father's son, a natural hiker.

After getting over the fall, I'm pretty sure Ruby didn't even notice the beautiful scenery. She was mostly there for the licorice.


Miss C. said...

These pics are adorable. We need to have horses up there more often. Holla Bullards

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Who's the boy in the blue hat in the first pic? Weird.