And the Winner Is ......!

Comment #3 -- CLAIRE!


To all of you who didn't win ... I'm feeling kind of generous tonight so I put the numbers in again and got a second winner ...

Comment #21 --

Congrats to you too!

And now to the rest of you who didn't win, I'm still feeling generous (it's probably only because my kids are in bed and I'm feeling relaxed) and have decided to give you all a 10% discount on any of my hats in my Etsy shop!

So go to janehenry.etsy.com, place an order, in the "message to seller" box tell me the size and color you want and mention the Giveaway Loser Discount (lol!), and then I'll refund you the difference after the order goes through. Also, shipping is free right now in my shop so you're not going to get a much better deal than that!

I really wish I could just give you all one but a girl's gotta make a little money to live in a town this expensive!
But thank you all for playing my little game -- I had so much fun!!!

Please come visit my Etsy shop and get yourself something cute!

Claire and Mandy, email me at celia_christensen@hotmail.com and tell me which hat you would like, what color and size, and where to send it!

Thanks again ladies!

(Just so you know, I went to Random.org to get the winning numbers. I tried to "print screen" to show you the actual result but my keyboard has never been able to do that -- so you'll just have to trust me.)


Claire said...

Woohoo!! Lucky me. 3 has always been my favourite number and apparently now its lucky for me as well! :D Thanks for a great giveaway Celia!

Mandy said...

Get out of town, I can't believe I won!!! I NEVER win anything, this is so exciting! Thank you, I'm so excited to be getting an adorable new hat!! I'm feelin' lucky, do another one quick. :)

Ginnie Kimball said...

I'm so impressed. You must have a lot of Grandma Haz in you. She would be so proud. How did you learn to do such cute stuff? All I can make is an afghan in the shape of a Christmas tree!