Summertime's Siren Song

And so it begins...

Our siren's song is quite unique -- one minute she's blasting Christmas music, then makes a strange transition to an extra-ordinarily patriotic rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, and continues on with an even stranger bridge to Rocky's Theme Song.

At least her ice cream's good and even better, my kids still think getting the 50 cent cup, rather than the insanely overpriced, unnervingly unnaturally colored push-pop, is the coolest thing ever.

Ahh ... summer days. Guess I better get my cup of quarters at the ready.


Anonymous said...

Look at you, it's a blogging miracle! Look at you posting again! holla

Wendy said...

that last picture of Hen is awesome. Just antique it a bit and it's straight out of the 70's! Times haven't changed a bit... or at least that truck hasn't.

sickly bunny said...

This was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.