31 Years

31 years ago today my very favorite person was born.

31 years ago today my very favorite person was born on Earth Day. (I don't think his parents knew how prophetic that was.)

31 years ago today my very favorite person started the long journey of becoming the incredible person he is today.

Here are just a few reasons why I love my very favorite person:

Our son wants to be just like him.

He does crazy things with the baby (usually when I'm not around).

Exhibit A:

(I came around the corner to find him holding Abram up like this, just staring at the two of them in the mirror.)

Exhibit B:

(Don't ask because I don't know either.)

He's a cuddler.

(Although it looks like Abram might still be trying to find out how much of a cuddler he is.)

He practices what he preaches.

(Planting a tree today with the kids for Earth Day)

He's been known to take Henry and Ruby out on all-day adventures just to give me a break.

And most of all, because he takes good care of us.

Happy Birthday Scotty!
We love you!

I forgot one: He's funny. After posting this I emailed him to make sure he'd see it and he said he was disappoined that I couldn't come up with 31 different reasons that I love him. He said, "After all, this is my Baskin Robins year -- 31 flavors of Scott."


Sarah said...

Ha ha ha ha ha- Baskin Robins year, I'll have to remember that one.

Happy birthday!

Josh and Hil said...

as soon as we leave it gets warm! It has been in the 80's for the past couple of days here.

Super cute and slightly odd what scott is doing with Abram, but hey he loves his kids.

Happy birthday, we miss your fun family.

Paul said...

Have a good one. May I suggest a Munkholm and McLean's greatest hits?

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

His Baskin Robins year. Oh boy, that's a real hoot. Good news, Matt just saw a picture of me with my bowl cut and asked if it was Scott... No wonder your kids look like me... and idolize me... and WORSHIP ME!



harmony said...

Happy b-day Scotty. It is CRAZY to see pics of him 'all grown up'. Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

I love this I really do, but I'm ready to see pics from the blessing. Get it girl, get it.

Adrienne said...

Cels this post was so cute! I loved all of your pictures. You capture some great candid moments.

Scott is so funny, and really an amazing dad. That picture of him trekking off into the wilderness with your two kiddies is so cute.

and i love your family photo as well. Great post.

NatureGirl said...

We thought about you on your bday and wished you were still close by. We wanted to plant things in your honor but it was cold and snowy! Next week maybe!
Love you all

王菲Fay said...
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