So the thing is, I'm large -- very large -- with child. My life has changed quite a bit in the past few months.

For one, I just ate half a pint of B&J's Peach Cobbler ice cream, followed by half a doughnut for dessert. And you know what? I feel fine about it.

I am now the proud owner and crazy driver of a minivan. That's what having (almost) three children will do to someone like me. People, I drive a minivan and I used to drive a Toyota Tacoma. Beesh. Talk about changes. (Don't tell anyone but I secretly love my van.)

I'm supposedly going in to be induced one week from this Saturday. Seriously? We're that close? Apparently so. The weird thing is, I haven't been half as uncomfortable with this one as I was with the first two. I do, however, have a lot more bizarre aches and pains that I never had with the first two.

For the first time, I'm going to kind of miss this little guy slithering around on the inside. It kind of gave me the creeps with Henry and Ruby but I have a new appreciation for it this time around. I can relate to what my sister Adrienne said about feeling your baby move -- it feels like it's our little secret.

If you ask Ruby what our baby's name is going to be, she'll tell you it's "Jesus" (except she pronounces it more like "Cheese-us"). I can hear it now, "And here are our lovely children Henry, Ruby, and Jesus."


Sarah said...

Ha ha- you are so funny. Cheese-us, I love it! Good luck next Saturday- can't wait to meet him! And I totally get sentimental about my pregnancies at the end, too. I always miss the wiggles and kicks.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Dear Cel-
I read you loud and clear there is nothing like a bun in the oven. I do miss turning sideways to get through tight spaces though, those were the days right.
-Sister of horse bit her breast

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Finally you posted about your little baby Jesus. That was one of the greatest Ruby moments of all-time. And about your eating habits, all I'm gonna say about that is good for you... good for you. Can't wait to meet my new baby Jesus nephew. Yet another mind to mold. Sheesh. This Aunt business is getting time consuming. No matter. I'm very devoted.
Girl who's breast got bit by a horse

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

P.S. I hate the word "breast". It's up there with Yummy, Nummy, Nummers, and Diabetis

Spitzer Family said...

Cute pics!! Saturday-seriously!!?!?!!! Good Luck with everything. I am super excited for you and can't wait to see pictures of the new little guy

*hay* said...

Awwh, Baby Cheese-us. I can't wait to meet the next member of the Christensen Clan!

the neighbor girl who still makes Ruby hide behind her mama and aunt kate.

Adrienne said...

Oh cels what cute pictures. I used to sit Ezra right on my belly too.

I promise you that I got a little choked up seeing these pictures you posted...and I don't know why! I don't know if it is because I'm happy for you or if I miss that moment for me or because your kids are growing up so much and I don't really know them. But you look so cute.
And I think you need to blog about walking around Wal-Mart, 9 months pregnant, sharing donuts and a 32 oz. Diet Coke with your two-year old!! lol!

Dixons said...

I love this post! P.S. You look beautiful! I had a roommate in college who served a spanish speaking mission and one time I answered the phone and it was a guy speaking spanish. I didn't understand much, but figured out that he wanted Heather to call him. So, I wrote her a big note on the white board that said "Jesus called." Then sat there wondering if I should spell it phonetically (like "Hey-suis" called). Funny memory....

Mandy said...

What a funny kid! I loved that story.
You look beautiful by the way. Your belly is so cute! It kind of makes me want another one.
Good luck to ya on the rest of your pregnancy!

harmony said...

I wish I had more pics like those of myself and my kiddos. You look great. I think you should stick with the name. Maybe "old-fashioned" is a theme you've got goin' on. Jesus pretty much tops that list. Good for you and your minivan. Now where is that pic?

Ally said...

Ahhh... you are almost there! Can't wait for your little Jesus to arrive. I wondering if that would be odd if that stuck as a nick name?

Hope all goes well for you! And I most definitely agree with all that you look Fabulous!