Is Anybody Still Out There?

I know, it's been 72 years since I blogged last. Between pregnancy, Christmas treats, Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping, Christmas travel, and Christmas un-decorating (which still hasn't happened yet -- maybe I'll just leave it up this year, save myself the trouble), I have had NO time to blog. In fact, I didn't even blog about my dear old dad's birthday in December or my favorite little sister's birthday today. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get my life back sometime soon. (Who am I kidding? All hell, aka adding child #3 to the fam, is about to break loose in two short months.)

Since trying to come up with witty comments takes the longest, I'm just going to cut to the chase and give you the photo re-cap of our Christmas experience.

Christmas Eve: Hen, Tau, and Rubes leaving cookies out for Santa at Grammy Kay's house

Christmas Morn: One good-looking, fresh-faced, eager-for-the-show-to-start family (especially Ruby, can't you just taste her pure excitement?)

Henry and cousin Ava getting cozy with Papa Mike

Ruby sporting just a few of her new gifts:
Christmas Afternoon: I walked in to find my mom in our bed with Henry, Ava, and Ruby watching a new DVD. My mom cracks me up.

A few days after Christmas: Serious sledding was going on behind Grammy Kay's house. Henry had so much fun out there with two bigger cousins (Christian and Gabi) who took one for my team and pulled him up and down all over that hill. Henry learned one important lesson that day, when wiping out is fun:

And when it's not:

Thanks again Gabs (and Christian!) for being such a great cousin to Henry!!
Sister-in-law Shelly catching some of the sledding action on West Mountain:
Me and my big sledding boy:

After Christmas we made our annual trek up north to the Christensen cabin in Idaho. And again, sledding was on the agenda. Due to my delicate nature, I was only allowed to take pictures so that's why you're getting more action shots than usual. I'm usually really selfish and don't stop to take enough pictures. I am a die hard sledder after all.

Family Sledding Photo:

Ruby turned out to be an even bigger sledding fan than Henry -- she wouldn't quit! The best part was that after about two seconds down the run, she'd cover her eyes for the rest of the ride. It was hilarious! Here she is catching some sweet air with her sledding BFF, Aunt Becca:

Kate's awesome wipeout due to Scott setting up a tiny roadblock in her path (who knew that ramming full speed into another sled propped up on its side would cause such problems?):

Hen taking the reins with his co-pilot, Grandpa Hal:
Ruby and her two favorite sledding aunts:

To liven up the cold, quiet evenings at the cabin this year, Kate came up with the brilliant idea of a Gingerbread Decorating Contest. We paired up: Scott and I, Kate and Hen, Becca and Ruby, and Hal and Sharon. It was hilarious. I have to say, I feel Becca truly had the hardest task as her teammate had multiple meltdowns after being told to stop eating so much candy and then pooped her pants during the contest. Poor Becca, she really had her work cut out for her. But she truly was in sublime Christmas spirits, she kept asking Ruby, "Hey Rubes, how's our team morale? Pretty good? You doing okay?"

Here's just one of Ruby's many meltdowns (am I a bad mom that I just laugh when I see that? She just kept crying so much, it became almost comical, but probably because she wasn't on my team):

We did have a great Christmas holiday and I'm glad to be back. Hopefully blogging will become more of a regular thing, rather than a favorite pasttime.

And for those of you still reading, Holla If Ya Hear Me!!!


Sarah said...

Love all the sledding pictures! Ethan has become a fan as well. All the way down the hill he yells "This is aaaaaaaawesome!"

Glad you had a nice Christmas. Can't wait to see this new baby!! (I know, no one is happier to get him out than you are!)

NatureGirl said...

It was great to see you guys. Love all the pix! Thems some gorgeous kidlettes!

The McCulloughs said...

I hear ya! Maddie had an ear infection over Christmas and she sure did her fair share of crying too! Glad your holidays were great and good luck with the next couple months! I am sure all hell is going to break loose! I can't imagine number 3 right now! Take care!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

HOLLA!!! Ruby has such a gentle soul. And Hen, I feel we reached a new level of bonding this trip. I just wish my little protégé's mom would stop turning her against me. Frick. Can't wait for that little indoor baby to come outside and play.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Holla!!!! I hear you loud and clear!! I'm just glad our morale stayed high. Holla Robby girl.

*hay* said...

just a favorite neighbor, loving the pictures of a crashing kate and a teary-eyed Ruby (it's kind of the only way i know her?)

haley anne

Jane said...

Long time no blog! I was getting worried about you there for a while so, I'm very happy to see you had a wonderful Christmas and hopefully a happy New Year as well! These next few months are going to fly by. I can't wait to see pics of the new addition!!

morganallison said...

Yo! Looks like a blast! Next time you're in the promised land, give me a call - I'll even drive down south to P-ville. Liam wants to meet this hot chick, Ruby.

Mandy said...

Hi there! I don't think being pregnant is a good excuse for not blogging (check my blog when you get a sec);). You look great and it looks like you guys had a good Christmas! Your mom and dad look exactly the same as they used too.

ali said...

glad to know that someone else laughs when their kids are melting down. I just shot some sweet video footage today of jack in a screaming fit.

glad you're back!

Spitzer Family said...

Holla!! So nice to see you alive and well. I want to see some more prego pictures. You look great so far! That last pic of Ruby is such a classic-some of my faves are of McKinley like that. Sorry i missed seeing you in Bozeman-I missed seeing everyone. I was there for a mere 36 hours. Oh well, you were probably gone sledding or something anyway.

Rhonda L. Thomas said...

Love seeing the fam and catching up! Maybe someday in person?? :-) Love ya, cous!

Ally said...

Celia, just letting you know I still check in from year to year. Just a warning- three kids really keeps things a-moving. Yeah, I thought two did as well.

Agreed that we should pull some strings and get together one of these days! And if it has to be on a cruise again then so be it- I am due for some sunshine. No worries, I know some ways you can hide that belly and get by their pregnancy policies.