Are We Still Talking About Halloween?

Yes, for one more day anyway. Here's what went down in Montana:

Proudly displaying our freshly-carved, super traditional jack-o-lanterns (Henry insisted on wearing his costume during the festive activity)

At the ward trunk-or-treat

Ruby's super scary Halloween face

Ruby's first real trick-or-treating door of all time (for being a shy lady, she sure wasn't shy about trying to bust into people's houses once they opened the door)
We had unseasonably warm temps this year so we couldn't bring ourselves to stop trick-or-treating because it felt so great to be outside. Being people who don't enjoy dressing up, this is definitely one of those times where Scott and I had such a great time simply because our kids were unbelievably excited about the whole process. We had a great Halloween!


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Holla! I love it. Ruby looks fan-freakin-tastic. Hen looks studly. And Scott looks like he has a mullet in the first picture because of the shadow. Saweet.

Sharon said...

The cutest frog and bumblebee ever! Halloween is so fun for kids, and parents too. We can't wait to see you Love MOM

Jessica said...

Very cute... ok, I see a lot of Kate in Ruby. Is that weird considering Kate lookes like her dad?