These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

Ruby is the craziest little girl. She has become quite the yakker lately (although my family probably thinks that's a straight out lie because she clams up whenever they're around). At home, she is constantly yakking, trying out new words, repeating everything we say, singing, etc. Besides her yakking, she still has quite the affinity for adding crazy accessories to what otherwise would have been perfectly acceptable outfits.

Over the 4th of July (Yes, I realize I'm a little behind -- so sue me!), we were at the cabin in Idaho and Ruby became obsessed with one particular accessory. I think she insisted on wearing them every day.
Her pink cowboy boots

Outfit #1

Outfit #2 (on the 4th, her little patriotic jumper was suddenly sassed up a little by her pink boots)

Outfit #3

Outfit #4A (Yes, those are PJs. She looks so hot.)

Outfit #4B (Same PJ bottoms, coupled with her other favorite accessory -- pink, floppy sun hat. She sure does know how to make a statement.)
One other favorite accessory -- Henry's "fishing" hat (fyi, we don't know why exactly he calls it his fishing hat, he just declared it to be so one day)

I sort of feel bad for Ruby because apparently she's taking an interest in fashion. Unfortunately for her, her parents know nothing of fashion and therefore have not passed on any fashion-know-how genes.

This dilemma would be sort of akin to one of Brangelina's kids devoting him/herself to Dungeons and Dragons and all the dweebiness that it entails. Sorry kid, it's just not in your genes.

But maybe someday being completely fashion blind will be really hip. I hope so. Because then I'd never have to worry about my daughter and her "unique" style being made fun of.


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Oh Ruby-Duby, how I love here attempts to impress me. Those pink cowboy boots are strangely similar to my slight obsession with little red cowboy boot I wore with everything when I was but a wee lass. I'm tellin' ya Cel, she's my little protege. Don't fight it anymore, it's just the way its meant to be.

Mandy said...

I think the girl has some serious fashion sense, not a lot of kids could pull off the pajama-boot look like she does. I for one think you should let her dress herself from now on, you wouldn't want to stifle her God given talent now would you??

harmony said...

Your kids definately can work accessories. My kids prefer to wear food, boogers, and the like to accessorize. I would love a cute pair of boots every now and again. I'm betting Brad did his own bit of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Angelina, she was probably already saving the world. You go girl;)

The McCulloughs said...

I love it! Tag has these rainboots that he has been obsessed with. They are really bright and colorful and they have bugs on them. He still finds them sometimes and insists on wearing them, even in the triple digit heat! I just know his feet are sweating to death! I guess Ruby can understand how he feels; those pretty pink boots probably aren't too cool either! She is darling and congrats on the pregnancy!! YOu and Adrienne are making me look bad!! Take care