I Bet My 5th Anniversary Was Crazier Than Yours

Last weekend was our 5th anniversary. I like to think the climbing and hippie gods smiled down on Scott because he could NOT have had a better 5th anniversary celebration even if he had planned it from day one.

One of Scott's best friends from high school, Jason (aka "Bones") and his girlfriend Sarra threw together their wedding in the last few weeks. They're both biologists and headed to Panama for two years to do field research so in order to get the deal done while still in the country, they decided there was no better place than the City of Rocks in Idaho, a mecca for rock climbers around the world. So their wedding date (May 17th) was also our five year anniversary. And the best part was ... they asked Scott to perform the ceremony, which meant he had to become an ordained minister. Awesome. I was just thinking we were missing one of those in our family. This 5th anniversary story just keeps getting better and better (as far as Scott is concerned anyway).

Knowing we had a weekend of climbing and partying (ours being the Mountain Dew/Diet Coke partying sort) with the hippies ahead of us, we opted to leave the kiddies at home with friends (THANK YOU GUYS!).

Friday, climbing in The City. It had been quite a few years for this old gal. I sort of freaked out on the rock ... don't tell anybody. In my defense, the route was pretty freakin' exposed and the mother in me just took hold of my thought process. While on the rock I kept thinking, "Why does Scott's mom let him do this? This is DANGEROUS!"

The City

Action shot of Scott . DON'T WORRY! I didn't just walk away from my belaying duties. He's RAPPELLING down from the chains, therefore my skills were no longer needed. (I'll have you know, I'm one of the best belayers around! I protect you like nobody's business while positioning myself in such a way as to soak up as many harmful UV rays possible. It's a win/win.)
Jason, the groom, morning of the wedding. I think he should fire his pillow as his hairdresser.

Best buds. Awww... (is it appropriate for the Reverend to be more dressed up than the groom?)
The bride, Sarra, making a beautiful entrance. She is such a smiley person -- I love her!

Tau, keeping the riffraff away from the ceremony site. He's such a thoughtful dog.

So Scott, one of the newest reverends with the Universal Life Church, performed a beautiful ceremony. He was funny and even the tiniest bit emotional. He and Jason have been friends since Scott was about 16 and Jason and Sarra are such COOL, GENUINE people that I think Scott felt honored to be performing their wedding ceremony.

Here's the ultra-casual, but beautiful ceremony location (you can see Tau down on the right side -- it was a little bit wacky that there were dogs practically running through the bride and grooms' legs but Jason and Sarra were all for peoples' dogs being there as they own two canine creatures).

You may kiss the bride!
30 seconds later ... (hey Scott, how's the view?)

A few more seconds later ... can you say "PASSION"?!?! I don't know about you all but our "kiss the bride" kiss was DEFINITELY NOT like this!
The happy -passionate- couple
Although it wasn't MY first choice in how to spend my 5th anniversary, we love these two and are so happy to share our anniversary with them that it was all worth it!
Happy Five Years of Bliss, Babe! May the next five be filled with just as much fun and laughter! Love you!


Heidi said...

That is an awesome wedding. And I'm so glad is a minister. That will really come in handy at Poulton family reunions.

I'm not sure why, but it will.

Heidi said...

Duh. SCOTT is a minister. Is what I meant.

SMC said...

As a new minister, I also absolve sins. Kate and Becca, be prepared for a little confessional at the cabin this weekend.

Ah, the romance. Here's to another 5 years of bliss, chaos, insanity, late nights, early mornings, sick kids, marathon roadies, bed wetting, "freakin' wolves", uncontrollable giggling and breakfast for dinner.

Mandy said...

Congrats to the new family minister. Very cool! Congrats on five years, marriage just gets better and better and time goes on. If you guys come to Utah let me know, I would love to see you!!

Jaeson and Traci Repscher said...

There's not a better setting for a beautiful wedding than my own backyard I do have to say. Why didn't I think of that? I guess when you take a Sunday drive to the city every week for 18 years of your life, you just don't think of it as other people do. I'll bet Scott did an awesome job, he is so whitty. And Celia, you are such a trouper to take Scott's interests as your own. Happy Anniversary! I am just now realizing how old I am because we celebrated 10 year last September. Talk to me for any advice! -Junior (That seriously cracks me up)

ali degraff said...

really? really? I'm speechless.

thanks for the good reads and happy anniversary.