Easter Celebrations

I've been busy lately. You know that. But, bad news -- I'm still busy. Still workin' for the man but also trying to get ready to go out of town.

So, instead of trying to come up with something witty to say, I'm just going to post my Easter pictures.

Sorry to disappoint. I know you all use me for my wicked sense of humor.

Darling little fam on the way to church:

Darling little Ruby before church:

Crazy little Ruby after church:

Our contemplative Easter Bunny:

Darling Henry, discovering that the "hopping" he heard in the hall really WAS the Easter Bunny!:

Darling Henry during the hunt (Boy, is he easy to please sometimes!):

Excite much?:

Proud Ruby with her new Easter toy:

p.s. Did anyone else notice the changes going on on Ruby's noggin'? I tell you, the girl changes hats about 52 times a day!


Natalie said...

Aren't the holidays even better now that we have children? By the way... you look amazing. You make 30 look good!!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Go Hen, Go Ruby, Go Go Go Cel! Ya'll look like you could be in a magazine or something. My little proteges hair is coming in nicely. Atta girl. And Hen looks very sharp. I'm excited to see you guys this weekend. Holla!

Wendy said...

I always knew you had good taste but thats too funny i picked the same exact dresses for my girls. they sure look cute!

Cody and Nikell said...

Hen is sure handsome and Ruby looks adorable! The dress is so cute and all of the hats are killing me. Ruby loves photo ops!

Jessica said...

so cute! Love Henry's outfit.... :)

The Lloyds said...

So I see that you're a blogger! I've given it a go myself and found that I was terrible at it. I talked to Harmony yesterday and decided to check out what everyone was up to.
You guys look great. It is good to see that your doing so well.
I still love ya,

The Taylors said...

Gorgeous family. Happy Easter! And I just wished you a belated happy birthday down below. I got stuck admiring that pic of you with Scott and missed the request for people to leave a comment. HA!

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Mandy said...

Are you kidding? Why don't you have that amazing video of you singing on your blog? It seems like you were blessed with the entertaining gene. I love that you were getiing the crowd into it, very "American Idol" of you. Looks like you had fun! Good work.

Dixons said...

Celia! You are an american idol rock star! What are the chances you guys were on the same cruise with the whole Ally's whole clan!? So funny! I loved the video! Hey, what ward are you guys in? Our friends moved up there to your neck of the woods. Jake & Lindsey Stevens. Know them?

Ally said...

Where are your cruise photos? I keep looking and getting nadda! I mean I had you up as a star in no time flat! Yeah sorry, since we didn't get a photo together I had to do it- I mean for the blog. Honestly, what choice did I have. We really did love seeing you and meeting Scott!

BTW, will you send me that cute blog template you told me about. ally_s_smith@hotmail.com