A Swing and a Miss

Our ward had its Christmas party last week. I was so looking forward to having a picture with my kids on Santa's lap (I even put them in matching colors, you know, to make my adorable Santa photo as cute as possible) as Henry has never been brave enough to get near the bearded fellow. But we've really been coaching Henry, preparing him for the unequaled joy of whispering your innermost desires into Kris Kringle's ear, hearing the Ho Ho Ho while his belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly, etc.

So, Santa comes into the cultural hall and Henry reacts positively (meaning he didn't burst into tears and run the other way, which is practically what happened at last year's Christmas party):

We wait in line for almost 15 minutes (our ward is not that big so there must have been a few little kids with quite a long list of desired loot) and we get up to him (oh! the anticipation!) and ...

... this is as close as he would get. At least he was sort of smiling. Maybe next year he'll actually sit on his lap. Or at least not make his mom hold him.

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Heidi said...

I know I'm supposed to be looking at Henry, but all I'm thinking is, "Cels is looking pretty hot these days."

You look great! (Not that you were ever ugly . . .)