My Guilty Christmas Pleasure

Okay, so I love this song. I admit it. Please enjoy, courtesy of the legend, the one and only, George Michael.


Heidi said...

I love this song, too. I always pull out my best 1980s dance moves in celebration of the greatest Christmas song ever!

Celia and Scott said...

You have 80s dance moves? I never would have guessed! I wish I had 80s dance moves. I would bust them out all the time!

Rebecca said...

I heart this song and I heart that you heart it!

Heidi said...

Technically, I shouldn't have 80s dance moves. However, I watched Ginnie and Heather get ready for the 14-year old and up dances all the time, and I stole their best grooves.

I'm not sure they were good dancers. But I make the moves my own.