Ruby's Learning to Walk

So here's a short little clip of Ruby practicing her new skills. She can walk behind toys and has taken a few tiny, baby steps but we don't count it as walking yet but she is on her way!

And of course, no picture/movie of Ruby is complete without a little interaction with Henry. Whenever the spotlight's on Ruby, he's not far behind.


ali degraff said...

way to go Ruby!

Hey, don't you love hearing your own voice on camera?

Celia and Scott said...

Why because I sound like a man? Yeah, it's freakin' awesome.

Ben and Shara said...

Way to have two kids! I love your kid's names also.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cel,
I miss my little people. And you and Scott of course. And maybe Tau but only if he's takin the blame for Rrrosa's digging.
Love, RMC

Celia and Scott said...

Thanks Shara! Do you guys have a blog? What's your address?

And they miss you too Becca! Mostly Hen because he wants to come to your classroom again and pretend to be your crybaby student.

Adrienne said...

Look at little Rubadoo!! She is cruising right along. Ez is getting better every day...he can know stand up without having to hold onto anything....but man, the kid still falls a hundred times a day!
They can tool around together in Hawaii.

Cody and Nikell said...

Look at her go! I think we need to come to Utah for Thanksgiving so we can also have a birthday party for Ruby and Noah. Wouldn't that be fun?

P.S. The picture Henry drew on that card turns out to be an elbow! I asked Noah what it was and he said it was an elbow, so an elbow it is.