Pumpkin Pickin at the Patch!

Scott took the initiative and organized a family outing this week to the Rocky Creek Farm so Henry could pick out his own pumpkin. It was windy as all get-out but the hayride, hay bales, and plentiful swings were everything (and more) that Henry could ever want. As for Ruby ... well, she's always just along for the ride so she doesn't care where we go as long as she doesn't get left behind.

A good time was definitely had by all!


Ben and Shara said...

Hey Celia,
I've been visiting your blog for a few weeks now, and I love it.

You can check out our blog at

So you moved from Idaho to Montana, Boseman? I grew up in Billings. Boseman is where we would go to ski, isn't there a place near there called Red Lodge? I learned to ski at that tiny place.

ali degraff said...

Looks like fun. I am getting antsy just waiting for next weekend's outing to the pumpkin patch.

Funny thing is, Troy said the other day, "I can't wait to pick out pumpkins at the patch."

My response..."Huh?"

I don't even equate pumpkin patch with pumpkins. For me, it's all about the pictures. sad.

Wendy said...

I swear, you guys are always doing the most fun outting. I forgot that it's alread pumpkin patch season.

Celia and Scott said...

Thanks Wendy. That makes me feel better. Sometimes I feel like we don't really do enough fun stuff with the kiddies.

And that's funny you say that Ali because Scott was getting frustrated at how many pictures I was taking. I'm almost always more excited about taking and seeing pics at all of our family outings than actually doing them (don't tell Scott).

Cody and Nikell said...

Cute pictures! The kids are looking adorable as always. Way to go Scott for his organization skills!