Our Birthday Boy

Henry's birthday was on Saturday and we had a great day. Here are some of the highlights (in chronological order):

Birthday Tantrum

Birthday Breakfast

Birthday Boy Showing How Strong He Is Now

Birthday Nap

Birthday Sister
(I had to get a picture of Ruby in here somewhere)

Birthday Cake (Sadly, this was my greatest attempt)

Birthday Present-Induced Joy

Birthday Bath

We Love You Henry Boy!


ali degraff said...

Love the birthday tantrum...wouldn't be complete without one!

what a big cutie he is!

Adrienne said...

Cels, I love this post!! How cute is Henry. I miss him, and serious little Ruba-doo. And your cake was cute....kudos to you for going the extra mile! Me? I just hire ex-cons to entertain at my parties!!

Wendy said...

You got to love the "bithday tantrum" You blog is one of the funniest. I love to read your writing.

cfsingers said...

He is really a well rounded birthday boy. What darling pictures! Way to go Cels (I know you took these given Scott's aversion to phography) I miss all of you. Kiss those babies and Scott too. Love you Sharon

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Henry! What a cutie pie!!! I love the run-down of the day. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like the betfast (as Sharon would say) pancake caught a case of the red head bug. Looks a little freckly to me. Cute, but freckly. I miss the Bozeman peeps. Love, RMC