Latest Trip to Utah -- Part II: The Birthday Dinner

Last Monday night, Henry, Ruby, and I met Scott's parents, two sisters, and cousin at Olive Garden in SLC for a little birthday celebration. Henry's 3rd birthday is coming up this Saturday so we couldn't leave town without a little b-day dinner.

Let's just say it was one of those birthday celebrations that I will never forget.

First of all, Olive Garden is one of those places that gets me all warm and fuzzy inside. I just feel like every OG employee knows how to keep me happy: keep the Diet Cokes and breadsticks a-comin'. We started the meal off right by ordering a few appetizers and that's where things started getting a little funky. We cut up the food on the plate, passed it around, and when it got to me, I saw it -- a long black hair wrapped around one of the chicken fingers! Blech! Of course, they were so apologetic about it when we sent the food back. The "Service Manager" even came out to personally apologize. She asked if we'd like more appetizers or if we were just "too disgusted" to even try again. "Bring 'em back!" we cried. "Wait! The appetizers are on you? Well then add some calamari to the mix!"The rest of the meal proceeded without much ado besides our usual sarcastic banter with our servers (Scott's dad, Hal, is the only "sarcasseur" I know. Yes, I made that word up -- it's a combination of "sarcasm" and "connoisseur." If you need an example, please contact Hal Christensen on his mobile: 801-557-2188.)

So as dinner was coming to a close, Scott's sister, Kate, graciously offered to take Henry to the bathroom. After a few minutes, the OG employees were all being gathered and herded our way with a little cake for the birthday boy. Wait! Where is the birthday boy?!? They were going to sing to an empty highchair unless Kate finally returned with Henry. And don't you know, she arrived at exactly the right moment, with all the OG'ers standing around but something was terribly amiss. Could it be? Henry was not wearing any pants! Apparently, Kate, unaccustomed to the joy and surprises of helping little boys in the bathroom (little boys, who still SIT on the potty), wasn't quite expecting the shower she and his pants got.

So, our little Henry, totally unphased by the fact that he wasn't wearing any trousers, sat in his high chair and grinned from ear to ear as we all sang and he blew out his candles.

He loved his presents and especially loved the attention from the OG'ers and his family.

He ended the night off splendidly by smearing chocolate frosting all over his face as little children are "want" to do. Then he just sat there and alternated his facial expressions between deadly serious and total cheese-face.
It was just one of those experiences where once you start laughing, you can't stop. My face hurt afterwards.
Thanks again Christensens for the incredibly fun night. We love you guys!


jessica said...

Cute photos - I love the smiles on that little Henry. Happy Birthday little one.

Wendy said...

That's an unforgettable story. I love that Henry just owns it. Even standing on the table :)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Henry! Holla! What a cute kid! The last picture of Henny on the table is awesome! He's definitely not near as curvacious as Ruby, I must say!

ali degraff said...

looks like someone knows how to ham it up for the picture! either that, or he is deliriously happy with chocolate cake.

oh and might i mention that you look smashing with shorter, darker hair! (it is shorter, right?)

Cody and Nikell said...

Oh man, that's funny! Basically Henry was pantless the whole trip? I wish we could've been there. I'm always up for some OG.